28 Kid Fails Will Make You Pee Just a Little

I told you that “Thangs” make me laugh. This is one of those “Thangs.” Now, I don’t have any children that aren’t 4 legged and furry, so perhaps this will not be funny to any of you parents out there, but OMG this allllmost made me let a little pee come out. (Calm down, I’m a girl and you know we have no control!) I think I laughed most at how they fly through the air so easily. If you had siblings – or a lot of friends as a child, you are probably in the same boat as me, having witnessed or been victim of several of these offenses. I just wish they had cameras rolling as easily as nowadays back in the 80’s/90’s. I’d be a virtual bajillionaire! Anyhoo, click on the picture to see the whole 28 list!

kid fails

“I’m King of the WORLD!”

Thanks to my friend, Fabian for sharing this gem and the folks at buzz feed for posting it! It made my day! For all of those who laughed along with me; I will see you in hell, my friends.


Have a great day!



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