Bruce Wayne on the Mighty Mississippi

I love Disney World. My lovah and I hop over to the parks almost every weekend. If you’ve been to Disney World or Universal recently, and took photos – check out the background in them because chances are I have photo bombed the shit out of you. (It’s become one of my favorite pastimes.) Anyhow, I love hearing the conversations and seeing people interact – sometimes we don’t even ride the rides, we just people-watch. In doing such I have noticed that there are only two types of people on vacation here in Florida; the regular everyday people and the crack heads. If I had to guess, I’d say it’s about a 63% normal to a 37% whack-a-doodle ratio depending on the position and fullness of the moon, of course. That sweet 37% crazy population is the topic of this post.

If you’re not familiar with the Magic Kingdom, there’s an island that you can take a raft boat to and explore called Tom Sawyer Island.

Click to view Tom Sawyer Island at Disney World

You know, Tom Sawyer, as in the popular character of one Mark Twain.

This is Tom Mullafuggin Sawyer: Literary Character and Wine Connoisseur

Anyway, it was on said raft to said island that we overheard a family discussing “Tom Sawyer,” which made for an interesting trip!

Son: “Who’s Tom Sawyer?”

Dad: (While staring at a lady’s boobs – it’s tight quarters on the raft, but I’m just sayin’)

“He wrote a book about living on an island. Actually, it wasn’t Tom that wrote it, it was that other guy, his friend… Bruce Wayne.”

Bruce Twain: Great American Author&Crime Fighter. Pictured here, seated in Margaritaville

That’s right, apparently Batman wrote a book about he and Tom Sawyer – just a couple of everyday bachelors living it up on an island. Bet you if Mark Twain had boobies, that Dad woulda remembered that shit.

Making it rain up in heyah!


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