How to “Break the Ice” 101

A roommate of a friend wanted to start a blog, but thought you had to pay – and that it was really hard to set up. SO, knowing that it was a. fairly easy to set up, b. free in a lot of places, and c. liking to see people live out their dreams, I got the roommate’s number and sent him a text of encouragement. I believe the best way to break the ice is to drop a mullafuggin shock bomb… then introduce yourself. Please note: It’s imperative that you introduce yourself AFTER the shock bomb has been detonated.

Apply this tactic to your life as necessary.

The Most Classiest of Regards,

Miss Nicole Etiquette

(My texts are in green)

“Blast Your Balls Into Superstardom’, is interchangeable with ‘Follow Your Dreams!'” Source: Martha Stewarts Guide to Proper Texting


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