Get Your Ugly Bag On

I have met a lot of people in my life, but the very first person I ever met was my “Grama” – she was the first one that held me, the one I lived with for most of my early childhood, the one that I’m told I get my humor from and the one that comes to mind when I think of the word “love.” She had the most beautiful heart and disposition. Despite her life’s many struggles she always had the BEST sense of humor and outlook on life. People gravitated to her for that reason- and the fact that she was so darn funny and lovable!

She passed 2 years ago but I still miss her and think about some memory I have from her, everyday. It’s become my aunt and my favorite thing to reminisce about – something that reminds us of her, or something funny she said or did to make us laugh. So it’s with that that I have decided to start sharing some of my fun memories of her here.

This is Grama. ❤ We took this picture of her at Disney World because she “felt like JLo in this hat.” My aunt was here too- saying “Ma, look up at the camera” but Grama could never quite put together exactly “what hole I’m supposed to be looking in!” Also, she knew it made us laugh to try to instruct her, so she would play it up- big time to get us going.

*Grama stares at the ceiling*

“Can you see me now? How do I look now?”

The most beautiful heart the world will have ever known. She was mouthing “heeeeya fellas!” when we took this shot. lol

One year, several years ago, Grama moved into the basement apartment at my Aunt and Uncle’s lake house. At the time, the house was being updated and there was construction fallout everywhere. A midst it all, Grama tried to let the dogs out, tripped and ended up giving herself two black eyes from where her glasses hit her face on the impact. Now, if I were talking about anybody else but her – this would be a sad story. But I assure you it’s not. She became embarrassed to have any of the workers see her “so beatin’ by the stick.” (She meant the ugly stick.) So my Uncle, to lighten the mood, said – “Ma! I just thought of something we could do!”

My Uncle ran upstairs and disappeared for 10 minutes. When he came back he proudly handed Grama a paper bag he’d crafted with two eye holes and the word “OUCH” written across the forehead in magic marker. He waited for her reaction.

*Grama inspected the bag…

“This is PERFECT!!!” Grama exclaimed as she tried on the bag laughing all the while. When my uncle left, Grama said “Hey, can you give me a yell if any workers are coming down? I wanna make sure I get my ugly bag on.” My uncle shook his head and chuckled because he knew she wasn’t joking and that he’d created a monster. She wore that bag everyday when the workers were around. They would work and she would watch her soap operas… from inside her bag.  Not one of them ever said ANYTHING – but she would often pipe up if she saw them staring. “Oh don’t mind me – I just took a spill on the ugly stick.”

She kept that bag for a while after her bruises healed. Anytime my cousin or I complained about not feeling pretty or having a pimple she’d whip it out and say “know your role.”


“Always hang out with the ugly ones because it’s the ugly ones that have all the cute friends!” -Grama

My aunt and I with Grama, back in the zeros.


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