Voicemail: Steak and Eggs and Reba Part 2

As many of my friends (or my station wagon full of blog followers – up top! *high fives*) know, earlier this week I posted an actual voicemail left on my work’s answering machine. I will cherish it all of the days of my life. Leaving it as just audio on YouTube didn’t seem to do it justice, even though it still makes me laugh 3 days later. SO, my Lovah (his brains are way huge) has helped me to make it Sundance-worthy! I have reenacted it at the link above using Reba, Live! and Reba, Country Superstar-featured in a Forever Lazy.

Enjoy and go balls out sharing it with whomever you please!

Peace, Love & Reba



19 thoughts on “Voicemail: Steak and Eggs and Reba Part 2

  1. So, after laughing my ass off, I scrolled down your page. Since this is one of the funniest blogs I’ve come across, I expected to see something like “3958438 followers” and was disappointed to see 15. What is wrong with people? Girl. You are hilarious. I’m reblogging this right now because you need more love on this blog. (The over-analytical side of me says to clarify that this comment is a compliment to you, and not mocking the number of followers.)

    • 😀 Wow, thanks! I laugh that it’s 15 all the time! In fact, that’s why I made it public knowledge. It’s kind of nice to know that at any point all of my followers and I can go to an Olive Garden and be seated in a normal time frame. Thanks for the shout out and the compliments! I don’t know how one goes about getting followers so I basically just write for me, and then I make my boyfriend read it… and then I make him tell me I’m funny – or no dinner. 😀

  2. OMG…..Somebody stop me!! I cannot stop listenting to Bebe & Pat. Really on a voicemail? Hold on, I’ll be right back (humm the Jeopary theme please…)……….Nope, the VM gets better every time. Who are these gals? Do I wanna meet or not? Am I obsessed with them? I just can’t stop laughing and/or listening. I need an intervention. This rivals my popsicle addiction! I’ll check in again…Love your blog FU! Thanks a lot now I can’t live without it, Bebe & Pat or popsicles.
    ~The Smart One

    • It is only now that I can listen to this without blacking out. I like to imagine that Bebe and Pat are old college friends that now live in a two flat – and have recently found a way to tap into each other’s Magic Jacks, instead of walking upstairs. LOL I am glad you enjoyed it- I thought you would. ❤ Peace, love and popsicles to you Sabrina, the wisest one in all of the land! ❤

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