McKayla is not impressed…

In case you have been under a rock, the Olympics are in the ass-end of its summer existence as we speak. In celebration I am posting this Olympics-inspired piece.

Apparently, McKayla Maroney (US gymnast) lost the gold at the London Olympics. When she stood up to receive the silver, her facial expressions lead those watching to believe she was “unimpressed.” This lead to many articles like:


and even inspired a tumblr dedicated to making images of her:

It’s pretty fun to make them and it’s all the rage among the cool kids – so download the tumblr file and do it! Share your links in the comments or on the FoghornUnicorn Facebook fanpage!

DJ Hermione Poppins and I have submitted quite a few already, here are some of mine:

Re: McRib

McRib is unimpressive.

Re: Mars Landing /dude with a mohawk

Mars stinks.

Re: final Harry Potter


Re: Waldo

Not looking.

Re: Space Bags


Re: Twilight Saga

For-nuthin. Not going.

Lucky Charm Marshmallows Man

Baby and Monkey don’t trust McKayla’s impressiveness


So he flies through the air on Broadway. Boo.



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