I PityDaFoo’ Who Steals My Amy’s Bowl!

Someone has been stealing frozen lunches from the community fridge in the break room at work. Whoever it is knows they are stealing too – because everyone writes their names on their food. I haven’t felt the wrath yet. I would like to believe it is for one of two reasons; A. Because I am too awesome to want to steal anything from -OR- B. Because upon hearing of the missing food antics – I began to leave messages for the thief:

 “Your daily horoscope: 1. Eat Bowl: I will cut yew | 2. Don’t Eat Bowl: Live FOREVER! 🙂 N “

“You will want to keep this frozen for your black eye. ❤ Nicole”

” (You don’t want this to be your last meal, now do you? 🙂 Love, Nicole )”

“I will cut yew – and then I will giggle. xoxo”

You have been warned.

I pity da fool who steals my Amy’s!


7 thoughts on “I PityDaFoo’ Who Steals My Amy’s Bowl!

  1. I love Amy’s too, especially the Indian meals. I love stinking up the work kitchen with Amy’s Matter Paneer. You’re welcome coworkers!

  2. First, I just gotta ask: What did a Yew tree do to you to make you hate them so much?! 😉

    Second: I’m going to stash this idea away for when I work in a workplace such as this and someone decides to steal lunches. No one will take my brown lunch sack. No one.

    • Hey, it was either the tree or the sheep. The tree got it. I feel it makes the sentence less threatening, but still threatening enough when you throw in a yew every once in a while. 😀 Brown sack lunches… and they’ll never take our foil-wrapped pop cans neither!

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