FU Crappy Giveaway Contest!

Your fridge is about to be awesome-o 5thousanded!

Ladies and gentleman, (I say “man” because I’m pretty sure there’s only one dude following this – and he may or may not have been bribed with a crisp $5 bill from my lovely boyfriend…) I have some official Foghorn Unicorn magnets! One of them could be yours! I know this may not seem exciting, but I urge you to consult the graph below for reassurance that it is, in fact, very exciting!

Whoa, that’s science!

How to win the official Foghorn Unicorn magnet valued at an estimated One Billion Dollars*:

Leave a comment/reply (on this post) that makes me chuckle. In a word, link to a meme, a sentence, a short story, link to a photo, an observation… whatever you choose. Best giggle wins. All giggles will be shared on the official Foghorn Unicorn Facebook page.


This is a chance for you to be exposed to tens(10’s) of people*! Whoa!

Contest ends Friday, Sept. 21 so that the endorphins of your win propel you into a weekend of celebratory euphoria*!

OMG everyone* wants this!

*May be an exaggeration.

GOOD LUCK! Let the giggles begin!!! 😀


Okay, I’m getting some feedback on “how to play.” If you are wondering how to play this game, you’ve already over-thunk this. It’s really this easy:

Step 1: You laugh at something… a picture on FB, a phrase, a joke, etc.

Step 2: You share that something in the comments below

Step 3: You make me laugh because of that same something

Step 4: You win! (And all of your dreams in life come true!)*

Secret Game Cheat code: Up arrow + A button = I laugh at most everything

Yes it maybe nonstandard, but sometimes you can use “thunk” and still have gone to college: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/thunk


21 thoughts on “FU Crappy Giveaway Contest!

    • Then you lose, Lindsay – you LOSE. Do lose and awesome go together? Nope. SO FIND SOMETHING or I will destroy my computer and not tell you about it until 4:59pm… you have been warned. *clock count down beeps sound*

  1. Ok…this is an oldie but still cracks me up. ***Disclaimer*** If you don’t game this might not make any sense to you….If you are offended by a crazy raid leader screaming obsenities…you will be offended*** 🙂

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