Weekend at Bernie’s – the musical

One of my very good friends, Penny, worked across the hall from me, for Broadway. She is smart, great at her job and has the best sense of humor, and despite this story, is not in the least bit air-headed. The fact that she is not air-headed is likely why this happening made me laugh so hard.

BCW4e! *hearts and flowerz and unicorn sparklez*

Penny liked to keep her door open, so throughout the day little bits and pieces of her phone conversations would float into my office. One afternoon I could hear her talking on the phone with a customer. It was a LONG, serious conversation where the caller, in addition to every other show under the sun, was asking about the musical La Cage Aux Folles (La Cage is the original version of the popular Robyn Williams movie, The Bird Cage.) By the time that Penny’s conversation was over, I was laughing so loud that I had to remove myself from my office.

I am about to Kill Bill this and piece together everything from the end of the story backwards (this way I can tell you what the caller said per Penny.)

Penny: “People LOVE La Cage… and you know what, they have a celebrity lead starring in it right now!”

Caller: “Oh really?!”

Penny: “Oh yes! You know that guy, George Harrison?”

Caller: “Yes! Of course!”

Penny: “Well, he’s in it!”

(*This is where my wild laughter starts*)

Caller: …

Penny: “Hello?”

Caller: “Oh…okkkay. I just… yes, I would like to go to that show.”

Later when Penny got off the phone I said “So you know that last caller… when you told her George Harrison was in La Cage, did she seem surprised?”

“Yeah! She did! How did you know that?!”

“Because you just told her a dead Beatle was going to be in her viewing of La Cage.”

“Huh? I did? Geroge Harrison isn’t the… oh $hit, it’s GEORGE HAMILTON!!!”

Penny then constructed the following email to the customer:

“Dear <Mrs. Smith>,

I regret to inform you that the deceased member of the Beatles will not be in your viewing of La Cage Aux Folles. Instead, it will be this guy, George Hamilton.

Not a dead Beatle after all.

I am sorry for the confusion.



I guess they can’t revive everything on Broadway!


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