On any given day, I am surrounded by crazy. I have decided to tell you these crazy-related stories on this here blog. All I can say is, bitches be wildin’ up on this planet and I’m lovin’ every minute of it. So thank you bitches, thank you.

Just a quick note of caution before we proceed: if you read a story on this blog that sounds like it’s about you, it probably is. Consider yourself TaylorSwift-ed! Haters gonna hate!

I can’t wait!

Peace, Love & Unicorns,



7 thoughts on “People

  1. Hello,
    Sorry, but I’m not very tech-savvy, don’t do Facebook, or Twitter… I saw on another of your pages the Unicorn fluffy from “Despicable Me” that my daughter is crazy about. We’re in Canada and I haven’t been able to find one here, and I don’t know if I’ll be travelling to the States any time soon. Might you still have any brand new ones left and how much would you want for one? Thanks. Reni

    • 😀 Glad to have you aboard. I don’t have any thrones, but I do have an oversized pillow from Pier One and a hemorrhoid cushion I found at a bus stop. You’re welcome to either! Thanks for the comment and the follows!

      • FU,
        Pier One… Oh my, are you ever bringing me back… One could think I’m a child of the 80s…
        Le Clown

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