Voicemail: Steak and Eggs and Reba Part 2

As many of my friends (or my station wagon full of blog followers – up top! *high fives*) know, earlier this week I posted an actual voicemail left on my work’s answering machine. I will cherish it all of the days of my life. Leaving it as just audio on YouTube didn’t seem to do it justice, even though it still makes me laugh 3 days later. SO, my Lovah (his brains are way huge) has helped me to make it Sundance-worthy! I have reenacted it at the link above using Reba, Live! and Reba, Country Superstar-featured in a Forever Lazy.

Enjoy and go balls out sharing it with whomever you please!

Peace, Love & Reba



Voicemail : You want some eggs? Part 1

So today I was greeted with this little gem. I could not have asked for a better Monday morning!

This is an actual message, left on my work’s answering machine. I have cut the first half of it off because it was just a typical work-related message, and contained personal information. That’s the only tampering I did. The recording picks up right where the funny part begins. It made me laugh so hard that I almost threw up, “In my pants.” (Rock of Ages reference there, but I digress.)

To explain what’s happening in the message: I think they must live in the same house because one picks up the phone while the other is leaving the voice mail. It instantly gave me flashbacks of being in school and talking to a boy or someone and your mom or siblings pick up the phone. Only, they didn’t seem to mind at all.

The only way I could think to share it on here was via youtube, there’s no video, just audio. I found, having listened to this 300 times today, that it’s best to listen to it with headphones so that you can hear exactly what they are saying to one another.

*Just listened to it again for the 301st time*

BAHAHAH OMG I think my favorite part is the:

“You want some eggs?”

“Well, if you make ’em lemme know REAL fast…”

“Oh gawd, I think I’m gonna puke…”

I hope this is how my best friend and I will be in the years to come… if we aren’t this way already!  I bet these two are a hoot to be around. Regardless, they MADE MY DAY! I just hope they feel better real soon.

Happy Monday Everyone!